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Play, Learn, Discover!

Welcome, my name is Steve and this is my corner of the internet. I hope you learn, have fun, and check out my world a little bit while you're here.

I believe in free education and promoting knowledge sharing all over the world. I've made plenty of tools to help you learn some of my favorite passions, including Music and Languages. I like traveling and seeing new sites. Be sure to check out my blog for my travel details.

And finally, this place to post my creations. I usually make music, poetry, games, and learning tools of all kinds. If you like what you see and wish to help promote me, tell your friends, and use the donate button too! Every little bit can help me achieve my dream of making this the best it can be, and bringing you content on a regular basis!

Want to drop me a line? Feel free to do so @ dream at

~ Steve